Saturday, 26 April 2008

I'm still here,RIP Modem.

On the 13th of April due to an electrical strom our internet stopped working!RRrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!.
It is so frustrating not being able to access the internet and not knowing what the problem is.
We are back on line now and the prob is sorted.
Missed you guys!!!
It was good to live without the internet for a while too.
A little time away made me realise I've been obsessing a little too much(bloody Librians we have next to no sense of proportion) about my little page in cyberspace and I've set myself a couple of rules do not turn the computer on before the school run in the morning.....always ends in tears!
So in running order this is what we've been up to.
Hosted a party for 35 5yo's.(Indoors due to the shocking weather)
We went camping with friend's.
Made some bunting for Mairi's friend Sarah who turned 5 on the 10th of April.

Check out the photo's.:)

Mairi turn's 5!
We had a garden themed party,as she really wanted to be the sun,unfortunalty it has poured rain here for nearly 2 weeks,so we had it inside.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

gngsbfWelcome back!!! We are having computer issues as present where out connection comes and goes (very frustrting!). Looks like Mairi's birthday was a huge success - love the outfits, the ladybug cake, the bunting - just gorgoeus. What a sweet theme for a 5 yr old. You were very brave though to have so many 5 yrs olds in your home :)

Selina said...

Hello, missed you, glad you're back. Great Mairi had fun birthday!

CurlyPops said...

Welcome back to cyberspace! The bunting is beautiful.

Anja said...

Welcome back... missed you :o) Great theme for a party! I love themed parties... such fun. It's not really a costum here in Slovenia, but in our familie it will become a birthday rule :o)

Muriel said...

Beautiful outfits!

cookie said...

well done, the girls are so lucky to have a wonderful mommy like you!
the outfits, the cake, just gorgeous.
did you get my e-mail?

Rachel said...

the yellow dress looks magical :) I bet I would have loved that when I was little!

Dee Light said...

What a happy day!! Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Those banners are so adorable! <3