Thursday, 3 April 2008

Domestic Goddess' and Mail Bliss

When Mairi was born I was over the moon to have a healthy baby and I had secretly wished for a little girl,I got my wish but I was determined to bring her up free form gender stereotypes.
But come 18 months old,she really did seem to prefer baby dolls was interested in social happenings and domestic stuff more so than anything else.
When Skye came along it happened for her even earlier I saw her at 10 months old nursing and playing with babies.
I guess the point is, before I had children(and my experience only being girls thus far)I would of never imagined posing for a picture like this,but the more I get into this game(motherhood and housewivery)I realise that it's a really important job we do and more so in my experience something fundamental to being a female whether we are mothers or not is the need to nurture.Whether it's looking after our children,partners,friends and/or animals.
So why not look spunky while we are at it!
Wow!That was a deep paragraph to show off the little pinny I found for Skye at the oppy.
Don't we look great?

Also received some lovely mail this week,some Ottobre mag back issues(they really are fab check them out)and a book 'The Kept Man'by Jami Attenberg from Nikkishell,which she sent to me after I commented on her review of the book on her blog.Thanks Nichola!


cookie said...

yes, i agree totally!
(gorgeous pinny by the way)
i studied childcare, and gave a lecture on "sexism from birth"
i was determined that my children would not grow up in the stereotypical manner.
i have 2 boys, and when abe was born he wore all colours,i made him a few dolls,played house, no guns were allowed..
but there is no holding back that strong male need to fight(wrestle like kittens do) ,destroy,build,climb.
it took my children to teach me that we all hold both in us, but that one will always be stronger.

Anja said...

Great post. I agree with you. I have two girls. The oldest has a really strong nature. There's no way, she would fall into stereotypical role in life :o) I love it and I will encourage her all the way!

Selina said...

I guess the most important thing is we show our girls and boys all the things thier capable of, not just societies expectations of gender roles.

Meridian Ariel said...

fab photo and great pinny! My son has had times where he has played with baby dolls, but most of the time he is either bulding "machines" drawing "machines" or playing pirates or jedi knights. But he does love to be in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking and baking. Though more often than not he steals the cake batter spoon and disappears with it.