Monday, 7 April 2008

Daylight savings

(photo by very talented photographer husband who was grumbling that I don't credited his photos on my blog(it was one time!)All other images are mine)

My poor bubba's sleep routine is completely topsy turvy.She has had a little cat nap this morning,but pretty much cried the rest of the day.Thank goodness for the wiggles,she's dancing to the cd now....I have managed to update my shop during the reprieve.I made Skye this yo-yo singlet last month and decided to do a couple more on the weekend.
More colours and sizes to follow through the week.


Rach said...

That daylight savings thing! Minnie is having a very late nap (weird given we went back an hour) this afternoon which means up late tonight... Love you singlets with the yoyo's - you should charge more!

Rach said...

PS - That should read 'love your singlets...' I think the end of daylight savings has effected me more than the toddler...

A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

Your singlets are very cute - yoyos always make a nice embellishment. Hope your little one adjusts to the time difference soon!

Selina said...

Cutie singlets,I havent seen them done before.

Katy said...

Do you think my son would get teased in a yo-yo trimmed vest? Probably. Shame, they are lovely ;)

on the dot creations said...

Hi, Mel. I found your blog today after you posted a comment on mine. Your blog is delightful!

I would love to feature one of your dotty cats in the near future. Keep an eye out for that! :)

Have a great Friday,

cookie said...

gorgeous as always!
off to look at your shop.
have had sick kids all week, so no crafting or blogging..

cookie said...

2 sales already ! well done!
your shop looks great.
read your profile, and you mention your husband, what does he do?
interested by his name..
tell me if i'm being to nosy?

Erna said...

cute girl!
That yo-yo's are fabulous!