Thursday, 27 March 2008

Crafting for Jack

I had the chance this Easter break to catch up with my oldest friend,Jane.She lives in the town where I grew up and I miss her.We had an evening without kids and a day with kids.Oh the luxury!I really miss spending time with her.I even got to spoil her baby,5 month old Jack a little.Here's what I made for him.I'm knackered today.Skysie woke up 8 times last night.Not used to it anymore,and typically I've arranged to go out with some girlfriends for Vietnamese tonight.
I hope I can string a sentence together by then.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Etsy Shop

The girls and I have headed north to Newcastle to visit Grandma and Poppa for the Easter break.
Today-all it did was rain.The kid's were whingy.
The good news is,I have finally set up my banner and everything for my etsy shop.I even managed to put something in it.
Bootyful Blue puddy Cat for sale.
Left and other images at home so will update more items after Easter break.
Stay tuned
Happy Easter,I think I've hit my chocolate limit already.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Here is the bunting that I started a few weeks ago.I'm loving that it is finished.Before(pre-blog)life it would of undoubtedly been pushed aside for some reason or other.But,because I posted that I was making it ,I made a commitment to show it off. Love that! I'm becoming quite productive.Thanks,Blog!
I found this blog,Syko, today.Beautiful work. Just stunning! I love the little art quilts. Check out her flickr page too.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Buddy Bag sewn by Mairi

Mairi's bag is finished,with a little help from mum.
It's a little tote with a hand embroidered love heart.
Mairi had the idea to create this for her buddy,Jai at big school.Now it's finished she's to scared to give it to her.She's wants me to ask Jai's mum for her address so we can pop it in the post.Oh..the social intricacies of big school!
Well done,little one,you did a great job!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

A great week

I've had a wonderful week.
On wednesday,I found this dress at the op-shop.
Woo Hoo!
After complaining to Ainslie that I rarley find great stuff.I scored this number.Who knows where I'll wear it.It's a bit out there-floor length red,but I couldn't leave without it.
Then that afternoon Eva arrived all the way from the UK,Thanks Katy!
I have been very strong,I bought her for my daughter's b'day in April,but I want it.
Boy-Motherhood can bring lots of sacrifes. ;)
Throw in swimming and visiting friend's there hasn't been much crafting.
Well,a little but nothing completed.
Happy weekend!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


My gorgeous is asleep,so I can finally complete this....

Ive been tagged by blogsters,Sarah and Lisa from a spoon full of sugar.

These are the rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you

2. Post "The Rules" on your blog

3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog

4. Tag seven people and link to them

5. Comment on their blogs to let them know they have been 'tagged'

Ok,here goes,

1. I HATE to iron.I mean ,abhor it.I'm feeling cross just typing this.

The only things I will iron are the girls dresses or skirts if I've made them,obviously ,if I'm making something to sell and my husband's kilt.

2. I meet my hubby in Glasgow at a pub called "Nice and Sleazy"!

3. I can sign Auslan(Australian Sign Language) fluently.I grew up with a profoundly Deaf cousin and her only true means of communication is Auslan.Four years ago I did some courses and worked within the Deaf community and finally became fluent. I am the first person in our family to learn Auslan and I'm really proud of that and happy that I have gotten to truly know my cousin.She's a crack up!

4. Having my second girl 17 months ago sparked my interest in sewing again.I hadn't seriously sewn for about 10 years.

5.I love going to the movies by myself.

6.I've got half an Art degree.The 'Art' scene annoys me.

7.I used to live in Newcastle(AUS),Berlin,Inverness(Scotland) and Glasgow.

This tag has been doing the rounds for a while now,so I'm finding it difficult to find people who haven't had a go.

I have tagged

Monday, 10 March 2008

A weekend of sewing fun

We've been very busy this week.
Mairi is making a bag for her buddy at big school to say thank you for being a kind person.Awww!
So she had a go of the pinning,check out the photos,and then did some serious sewing.This was the first time has sewn by herself.
Previously, I've just had her on my lap,but this time we set up the presser foot on her bathroom step and after a few hiccups(not wanting to let the fabric feed through) she did really well.We are almost finished so we will post a picture when we are finished.
Later when Skye Rocket was asleep,I did some applique work on a skirt for Mairi,while Mairi busied herself,making a fabric collage,standing patiently waiting for the over locker scraps! That girl kills me,she's so into the craft,I love it!
The applique is inspired by a cover of a Japanese sewing mag that a saw around the place,I love the stylised flowers.
I was working with Pellon fusible webbing ,which I found tricky to work with.It kept sticking to everything it wasn't supposed to.I was using visoflex,but it is rather expensive.
I think it's worth the investment though.
I've been tagged by another newish blog ,a spoon full of sugar,and I'm very excited about that,who doesn't love talking about themselves ( : .

Stay tuned till learn 7 things about moi!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Introducing Skye Rocket

Here she is!

My inspiration for the name of the blog.

Skye Lucinda,isn't she divine.

Her dad has been teaching her the tango,here we are having a turn together.


Been very busy this week completeing some things for friend's.This skivvy and skirt set are going to a friend of a friend's 2 year old for her birthday.I loved the fabric so much I'm inspired to make some bunting for the girl's room.