Monday, 10 March 2008

A weekend of sewing fun

We've been very busy this week.
Mairi is making a bag for her buddy at big school to say thank you for being a kind person.Awww!
So she had a go of the pinning,check out the photos,and then did some serious sewing.This was the first time has sewn by herself.
Previously, I've just had her on my lap,but this time we set up the presser foot on her bathroom step and after a few hiccups(not wanting to let the fabric feed through) she did really well.We are almost finished so we will post a picture when we are finished.
Later when Skye Rocket was asleep,I did some applique work on a skirt for Mairi,while Mairi busied herself,making a fabric collage,standing patiently waiting for the over locker scraps! That girl kills me,she's so into the craft,I love it!
The applique is inspired by a cover of a Japanese sewing mag that a saw around the place,I love the stylised flowers.
I was working with Pellon fusible webbing ,which I found tricky to work with.It kept sticking to everything it wasn't supposed to.I was using visoflex,but it is rather expensive.
I think it's worth the investment though.
I've been tagged by another newish blog ,a spoon full of sugar,and I'm very excited about that,who doesn't love talking about themselves ( : .

Stay tuned till learn 7 things about moi!


Selina said...

Another Kath & Kim fan!

SadieandLance said...

Welcome to blog land! Wow very impressive your novice little sewer is there - and she's cute too , so is her sister!