Sunday, 2 March 2008

Introducing Skye Rocket

Here she is!

My inspiration for the name of the blog.

Skye Lucinda,isn't she divine.

Her dad has been teaching her the tango,here we are having a turn together.


Selina said...

Beautiful photo, I listed your blog under creative people on mine. I made some bunting for my boys room and looks really great. Post a pic when you've finished.

Katy said...

She's GORGEOUS!!!! I could eat her, but then you'd be quite I won't!

I love your glasses too - I have a big thing for specs that are a bit bling. Do you wear them all the time, or are you a contact lense wearer too? (I'm a die hard, pure speccy type - no contacts for me!)

RID said...

Glad to meet you Mel. I like your work so much, it's great. I'm mum of two girls too!!! Your girls are so beautiful.
I will visit you!!! Saludos desde Barcelona
See you soon!!!!

A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

What a Cutie. Love your blog! We have tagged you if you would like to play along, Sarah and Lisa

CurlyPops said...

What a cute photo! By the way, I love your glasses!