Sunday, 21 June 2009

Ethan Ruairi Ainsworth

Ethan Ruairi born on 3rd of June at 8.38am.
Weight 4.2kg
We are all doing magnificently.
I was a little over ambitious in my previous post re Mathilda's in July.
We won't be selling there,although we will be at the November market.
The lovely Sam from Arabella's Corner is selling some of my products at the Kiama markets on the 3rd Sunday of the month and at Berry Markets on the first Sunday of the month.


Sam said...

Mel! Congratulations on the birth of Ethan - well done! He's beautiful. Hope you are all well. Hope to catch up when you are able to...
xx Sam

Rach said...

He is just gorgeous - congrats to you all.

Lovely photos and hope to see more!


Apryl said...

aww he is just gorgeous! congratualtions!

I hope you are all well and Ethan is settling into the family with lots of cuddles and love.

Selina said...

How exciting! I havent been blogging for ages and didnt realize you had your little boy! CONGRATS!!!!

Diana said...

Congratulations Mel, he's just lovely. Hope the hat fits his teeny tiny cute noggin.

sophie said...

Congratulations on a beautiful boy.