Friday, 27 March 2009

What a blast!

Well Mathilda's was a resounding success!!!
Great sales and I got to meet some lovely customers and a few fellow bloggers including this lovely lady!!!
My neighbours,the lovely sister's from Barefoot Babies and Mayka from Little Rose held fort for me a few times for those numerous dashes to the loo,Thanks guys!!!
It was lovely also to meet this rad chick,as I've been a fan of her gorgeous dresses for a while.
My mum and hubby have convinced me to have a stall at the July market when baby boy will only be 4 weeks old.Eek!!!

I'll have reinforcements this time though so,Bring it on!!!!!!!!!


Rach said...

And so lovely to meet you. Glad it all went well. x

Christina said...

Great blog Mel, Just having a look at your stuff - which is also lovely. Added your blog as a link to mine - hope that's OK.

Mee a Bee said...

Hi Mel! I might be at the next Mathilda's Market too, in July. I'm still working out the details but most likely I won't be there in person but my bags will!

I'm so excited but a bit unsure how much stuff to make and send. I might pick your brains later.

How are you feeling? good I hope. very excited about your bump news.

See ya


Selina said...

Go for July Mel, you can do it wonder woman! I am going too but unlike you my little joy will still be easy to carry around!

Mee a Bee said...

Hi, we'll play blog tag for a while shall we?

Funnily enough I was thinking about you earlier - about the fact that you were planning on going to the mkt with a four week old! Kinda glad to hear you are probably not doing that!

As for me, I'm IN! We'll have a shared table, Katharine from Alfalfa and I. My auntie will be helping since JetStar are not offering $10 airfares yet!!

I'm frantically trying to sew enough (how much to send?) and prepare photos, business cards and all that stuff before the end of this month. This is huge for me and I am very excited.

You're on my mind with bus on the way - good on you getting a rugby player/cricket player to balance things out. Mr. Skye must be thrilled. See ya!

Diana said...

Hi Mel,
Congrats on the market success. I know what a hard slog it is sometimes. I'm gathering you were also rather pregnant doing this market! You are one crazy crafter! I'll send you details of hat you asked after to your email.

Dick and Dora said...

Markets are great fun aren't they. Thanks for dropping by over at mine and introducing yourself, I'll be back to yours to keep up with progress.