Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Boy's Stuff

Ethan and I had a little photo shoot today while the girl's were out.
I've finally finished his quilt(my first)and I'm really happy with it.
This winter I'm adding some boy's tee's to my line up size 1-4 available at my next market at the Olive Tree market in Newcastle on the Easter weekend,the 3rd of April.
I'm really getting into making boy's stuff.
Thinking of doing some sailor,owl and teddy bear softies for boys.


Blossomnbird said...

Hi Mel...great to see you are making 'boys stuff' :)
With two boys on the way I'll be checking out your store :)
I love your quilt...that is one project I have on my list too!

Diana said...

Great quilt Mel. Can't wait to see your new creations. See you at the Easter market. Rained at this market just gone at the very end, of course!!

Em said...

Very Cute, yet totally boyish.

Rach said...

IS that really your boy? IS he that big already? Oh my... Time just really flies.