Monday, 12 May 2008

Working Hard

I've not posted for a while cos I'm trying to make and stock my etsy shop with 2 items (at least) per day. Not an easy feat with 2 younguns!
Anyhoo,I was putting off blogging cos I didn't want to just plug my shop,but guess what...that's all I'm thinking about at the mo,so here goes.
Look at these pretty skirts!
Happy belated mother's day to the mummy's out there.


Rach said...

How funny that we have both been working on skirts! Great minds... Very cute and I love that deer. I also have a deer design but its a little different. I always worry that people will think I am coping or something but I guess there are only so many animals in the world!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wow you have been busy - what pretty little skirts!

Sherrin said...

I LOVE the little appliqu├ęd skirt- it's perfect!!

dekca said...

Hello. Very cute skirts - how do you manage with two little ones. I also have two and my sewing machine is still resting..
Greetings from Slovenia!

Selina said...

Very busy! Hope you're enjoying it, skirts look very sweet.

Kate said...

Cute skirts! I have that aim too - stock up the etsy shop with at least something each day - but the kids have other ideas!