Monday, 11 February 2008

The Photo shoot

Yay! We are finally up and running!

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while and now Mairi(Miu Miu) is finally at school,it's happened.

I have wanted to start this blog to meet like-minded crafty mummys and their wee ones and to keep me on track with my own projects.

Well,as I said before Mairi,my eldest has just started kindy last week and already I have had to keep her home,as this morning we all woke up with dreadful colds.

In true 41/2 year old style though,by 10am she seemed fine and I was pulling my hair out,so we had a photo shoot of my stuff in the backyard.Fun was had by all and she was really helpful.Here are some of the results.
Please forgive me for causing neck strain,but for the life of me,I can't figure out how to rotate or delete these images once they have been off to blogland they go.


Selina said...

Cute stuff! I always load photos right way up to start with, I'm not very computer savy so I can't really help - sorry!
Look forward to seeing some more of your sewing...

Kate said...

Lovely kitties!

Jodie said...

Cute creatures. I think you need the photos the right way up before you pop them in blogger.

Katy said...

yep - you need to load them onto blogger the right way round, or you can leave them as they are and get people to believe you're being all arty! ;)

Welcome to blogland - I look forward to seeing what you all get up to! (very cute kitty cats)

shelleybelly said...

To my Glorious Mamma Mel! I love the blog, the shots and your sensational creations. It is so good to see you making these beautiful things! Miu looks so beautiful, she gets prettier ever time i see her, and I cannot believ how big Skye is! Can't wait to come home and see you all! lots of love n stuff xoxoxox